Feather pluckers (2006)

Goosefeather is plucked each summer by occasionally recruited brigades near to Orosháza and Szentes (South-East Hungary). The feather will be stuffed – dependig on quality – into pillows, beddings and jackets by the processing factories. A diligent worker plucks with 60-80 geese (neck and abdomen) from 7AM until 6PM and receives a receipt for each goose with a value of 100 forints (0,3 euro). Drinking is prohibited and it is not worth to smoking or having rest. At the end of the day, the foreman pays in exchange of the receipts. Breathing in the small feathers is injurious to the respiratory system. This kind of illegal work, mainly with roma workers, is carried out in secret on hidden manors and secluded farms, since the activity is contrary to both EU regulations and animal rights.

35mm film material.