Icelandic postcards (2007)

On Iceland (39,770 square miles), which has a territory only 1,1 times bigger than Hungary, the number of inhabitants is not more than 300 000 (in Hungary it’s around 10 million) out of which 180 000 lives in and around the tiny capital, Reykjavík. The rest live scattered around in the country with fascinatingly various natural landscapes and with 75% of cold, dry and uninhabited area (mainly in the inner territory of the island). Barren lava and ice fields with sand and rocks change the steaming sulphur marshes, there are no trees or life on the roads, only herds of sheep linger in the white summer night. This moonscape can, however, flip into green in a few moments when we get onto the 25%, where the visitor is welcomed by the wonders of flora and fauna: colonies of seals, reindeers, whales and lundas are living within the waterfalls, rich meadows, steel blue sea and wild mountains.

Article on the topic (tearsheets) by Balazs Simonyi: FotoVideo Magazin 2007/November

Hungarian Press Photo Contest 2007 – 1st prize series (Nature and Environment category)