Original Lager (2007)

23 min / 2007 /Super 8

Somewhere in the ’80s a group of youngsters feel their lives empty. An idea came: form a music band. “So that was the line up: four men, jolly classic formation, definitely rock ‘n’ roll. All we needed is a room to rehearse. My buddy told that we have to look for some place at a club or a community centre. The world is waiting us.” (excerpt from the filmnovel by János Háy) But is not that easy as it sounds. A bittersweet true story of a young guy, who wanted to make a rock and roll band in the early eighties somewhere in Hungary…

Director / Producer: Balázs Simonyi
Writer: János Háy, Balázs Simonyi, Zsuzsa Várady
DOP: Viktor Gibárti
Sound: Péter Hollósi, Béla Novák
Music: Emitremmus, Original Lager (1981)
Cast: János Szemenyei, Balázs Simonyi, Dániel Seres, László Mészáros, Zsanna Éry-Kovács, Judit Bástha M, Dr. László Tóth, Dr. Edit Rézler, József Simonyi, István Domonkos
Production company: Snittegylet Workshop
Supporter: Motion Picture Public Foundation of Hungary
Festivals: Hungarian Film Week 2007 (competition), Hungarian Student Film Festival (Best Director(s), Kodak Award), Hungarian Independent Film- and Videofestival – Main Prize 2008, Cinefest Miskolc 2008: Special Prize, Karlovy Vary Fresh Film Fest (competition)
Broadcast: Duna Television, m2