Zrínyi and the wild boar (2017)

36 min (director’s cut), HD

Original title: Zrínyi és a vadkan – Egy nemzeti tragédia nyomában

Jigsawing a national tragedy. The documentary shows the theories about the strange death of Miklós Zrínyi (Nikola Zrinski, 1620-1664). The historical investigation reveals the facts and legends according to the life and actions of the famous Hungarian count, and tries to put an end of the debate: was it an assassination by the Habsburg or Turkish Empire or just a fatal accident caused by a wild boar.

Cast: Gellért Eldréd Borián, Géza Pálffy , László Lörincz, László Miklós Pete, Balázs Németh, Sándor Bene, Zsuzsa Szvetelszky, Pál Nényei

Directed by Balazs Simonyi

Produced by Peter Fulop, Balazs Simonyi

Funded by the National Media and Infocommunications Authority (MediaMecenatura)