director / producer / photojournalist


Balazs Simonyi was born in 1980, Budapest (Hungary).

Since his childhood he dreamed of being a football player or a chef.

Dreams are not reality.

He has been looking the bright side of the life as a freelance artist since 2002. Currently he is only and making films and writing. He is a graphomaniac.

In 1986 he started working as a child actor. He appeared on stage & in movies, and he has been dubbing thousands of films and commercial until nowadays. He is the Hungarian voice of Bart Simpson since 1998.

He was a founding member and leading actor of a successful improvisation theatre, Momentan. He quit after 13 years in 2012.

He graduated in Literature & Film in 2006, and is recently completing his PhD in Art Theory.

From 2003 he worked for many years as an all-round photojournalist for newspapers and magazines, mostly for Magyar Narancs. Covers, articles, illustrations, report & portraits for HVG, Index, VS, UNIT, Mindennapi, Hócipő, Black & White, and all with F (Földgömb,, FilmVilág, Filmkultúra, FlashArt, FotoVideo, Fotopost).

He won 4 prizes at Hungarian Press Photo (2007, 2009, 2011), and was awarded 3 times with the József Pécsi Photography Grant (2008-2010).

Please mind that prizes are Viagras of vanity.

His films have been screened at major festivals, from Cannes to Cracow, from Aspen and St. Louis to Seattle and Vancouver. He has won several awards, like the CamerImage, the Audience Award at Asiana Film Festival, and the French Cinema Distributors’ (GRAC) prize. His films has been broadcasted in France, the USA and Japan. He is also a selector of the Budapest Short Film Festival. He was a jury member at Lille Film Festival, Dieciminuti Film Festival and Sedicicorto Film Festival.

Grants and fellowships:

  • PJLF Three Rivers Residency for scriptwriting, 2017
  • CineLink Sarajevo, 2017
  • European Short Pitch – Work in Progress (Poznan), 2017
  • EDN Docs in Thessaloniki, 2017
  • Last Stop Trieste, 2017
  • DOK Incubator, 2016
  • Rough Cut Boutique Sarajevo, 2016
  • EDN Docs in Thessaloniki, 2015
  • EuroConnection (Clermont-Ferrand), 2015
  • NIPKOW Programm (Berlin), 2014-2015
  • Kunststiftung Baden-Württemberg (Stuttgart), 2011


He likes running. He finished dozens of marathons and ultra races like Spartathlon (4-times in a row).

He won silver at the 2014 Hungarian National Championship in 50km running.

He completed his sport studies in 2014 as a triathlon coach. He is a 4-time-ironman.

He luckily has no car, but 6 bicycles. He worked couple of weeks as a bicycle delivery boy during winters.

He has been playing the saxophone since 2000.

He feels sorry for the difficult consonants in his name. (Zs, Ny)




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2017: Kiscelli Múzeum – Streetphoto Budapest from the early days until today /// Képlet – Budapesti streetfotó a kezdetektől napjainkig

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